2009 UFL season in review: Florida Tuskers

December 1, 2009

The UFL has some cool team names, colors and uniforms. Check out the Tuskers:

Without a doubt the Florida Tuskers were the best UFL team in 2009. They completed an undefeated regular season, only to lose to the Las Vegas Locos in overtime of the first ever UFL championship game. Beyond being a great team, this is a fun team. Without doubt the best name, and best uniforms of the new league. In fact the Tuskers are one of the most uniquely named pro-football teams to come along in a long time. Given the many Arena leagues, and other football leagues that have sprouted up in the last decade that is really saying something…[Full Article Here]


C and L Sports

November 23, 2009

Any thoughts on the Golden State Warriors. Just curious how many games do you think they will win?

NHL Notebook: Hitchcock Coaches 1,000th Game

November 19, 2009

Congrats to Coach Hitchcock!:

Glen Sather won four Stanley Cups as a head coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

Ken Hitchcock won one Stanley Cup as head coach of the Dallas Stars.

Ahh, but Hitch achieved something “Slats” didn’t.

Hitchcock coached his 1,000th NHL game this week when his Columbus Blue Jackets faced Detroit. Sather only coached 932 games.

Hitch is now the 16th coach to reach the 1,000-game plateau. He has a number of active coaches still ahead of him – most notably, Pat Quinn (1,300+) – but at least he’s closing in on Scotty Bowman, who coached a mere 2,141 games…[Read the Full Article Here]

High School Volleyball Uniforms

November 17, 2009

Interesting article about high school volleyball team uniforms from Oregon.

Union unveils jersey rich with symbolism

November 15, 2009

The vivid imagination of Philadelphia Union supporters regarding the look of their team’s uniform was put to rest yesterday as the team unveiled its home jersey.

The uniform, or “kit” as it is referred to in soccer circles, is made by adidas, the team’s official apparel supplier. Predominantly midnight blue, it features a gold strip down the center with light-blue piping in the color of the Philadelphia flag – much like the Union’s crest that pays tribute to the colors of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, as well as the city…[Read the Full Article Here]

LeBron Will Change Numbers To Honor Jordan

November 13, 2009

Nike guy LeBron James says other NBA players should do the same

LeBron James wants to honor the man most consider the greatest player in the history of the NBA — Michael Jordan — so next year he is switching his number form Jordan’s iconic 23 to number 6.
“He can’t get the logo [Hall of Famer Jerry West’s silhouette adorns the NBA’s logo], and if he can’t, something has to be done. I feel like no NBA player should wear 23. I’m starting a petition, and I’ve got to get everyone in the NBA to sign it. Now, if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.”
Leaving aside the massive ego it takes to say, “If I’m not going to wear 23 nobody should,” LeBron’s suggestion is an arguably altruistic move on the surface. In Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson’s number is retired. In the NHL, nobody can wear Wayne Gretzky’s 99.
But really, James’s move sounds like the latest Nike public relations stunt. [Read the Full Article Here]

Pricey mouth guard adding NFL adherents

November 13, 2009

What are your thoughts on a $2,000 mouth guard?